Easy Way to Do Competitors SERP Analysis

Ever typed a question into Google and gotten a whole list of answers? That’s called a search results page, or SERP. Some websites always seem to be at the top, while others are buried deep down.This article will help you understand why.

We’ll learn how to analyze these search results pages to see what makes winning websites tick. By peeking at the top websites, you can discover what people are looking for and how to make your own website shine brighter in search results.

competitor serp analysis

So, What is SERP Analysis

SERP analysis is like looking at the report card of a search engine results page. You check out the websites that rank high for your keywords, see what kind of content they have, and learn why they’re doing well. This helps you understand what search engines like and how to improve your own website’s ranking.

SERP analysis is like detective work for your website.

A Guide to SERP Analysis:

Content Analysis: Understand Competitor’s On-Page Code

Our first stop on this analysis journey is examining the content itself. Here’s what we’ll be looking for:

  • H2 Numbers: Think of H2s as headlines within your content. They break up the text and highlight key points. Analyzing how competitors use them can guide your own H2 strategy.
  • Word Count: While there’s no magic number, content length can be a factor. Seeing the word count of top-ranking pages gives you a sense of the depth of information search engines might favor.
  • Number of Videos: Videos can be highly engaging and informative. Checking how competitors incorporate videos can help you decide if it’s a valuable addition to your content strategy.
  • Internal Links: These are links within your website that connect different pages. Analyzing competitor internal linking can give you ideas for how to improve navigation and user experience on your own site.
  • External Links: These are links that point to other websites. Seeing who top websites link to can reveal valuable sources and potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Number of Images: Images can enhance user experience and break up text. Analyzing how competitors use images can inform your own image strategy.

Off-Page Analysis: Measure Their Backlinks

Now, let’s venture beyond your website and examine the “backlinks” of the top contenders. Backlinks are essentially links from other websites pointing back to yours. They’re like votes of confidence in the eyes of search engines. Here’s what we’ll analyze:

  • Top 5 Websites: Identify the top 5 websites ranking for your keywords. Understanding who your main competitors are is crucial.
  • Backlinks of Those Websites: See how many backlinks each competitor website has and the quality of those links. High-quality backlinks from reputable websites hold more weight.
  • Top Organic Keywords of Those Websites: Discover what other keywords your competitors rank for. This can reveal new keyword opportunities for your own website.
  • Top Pages of Those Websites: Analyze the top-performing pages of competitor websites. What kind of content are they creating? Can you identify any gaps you can fill with your own unique content?


By analyzing the SERP using content as well as off-page analytics, you’ll gain valuable insights. You’ll find out what search engines prioritize when it comes to content structure, keywords usage, and the overall user experience. You’ll also uncover opportunities to create valuable, one-of-a-kind content that’s sure to stand out from the competition. Moreover, you will need to do tricky keyword research

Keep in mind that SERP analysis isn’t a one-time thing. As you make adjustments based on your insights, keep an eye on the SERP and see how your site’s ranking changes over time. By continually analyzing and making changes, you can stay ahead of the competition and lead your site to the top!

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