Rich Dad Poor Dad: Book Reviews

Authors:Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter, Published: 2000, Genre: Personal Finance.


Imagine having two dads – one super broke even though he’s a super smart teacher, and another rich dude who never finished school. That’s Robert Kiyosaki’s life! This book tells the story of how these two dads teach him totally different things about money. One says get a good job and work hard, the other says make your money work for you. Robert figures out that getting rich isn’t about how much you make, but what you do with it. It’s about owning stuff that makes you money, not just stuff that drains your wallet. It’s a wild ride that’ll make you rethink how you view money.
rich dad poor dad review

The GEMS of This Book: 

The book takes you on a journey of self-discovery, debunking common misconceptions about money and teaching you things that are never taught in school. Forget about the “rat race” – the never-ending cycle of hustling just to make ends meet. Rich Dad shows Robert how to create a financial system that works for him and gives him the freedom and control he deserves.

Here are some of the key takeaways that’ll change your perspective on money:

  • Financial IQ matters more than book smarts. While Rich Dad doesn’t have an Ivy League education, his financial intelligence means he’s richer than the brainiac teacher, Poor Dad. This book is about building your financial IQ. That’s the knowledge and skill set you need to effectively manage your money.
  • The rich don’t work for money; money works for them. This isn’t about finding high-paying jobs; it’s about creating an ecosystem where your money makes more money. Whether that’s renting out your home, starting a business, or investing in passive income-generating investments.
  • “The rich invent money. The middle class works for money. The poor work for the government”. 

    This quote from the book breaks down the different approaches people take to money. The rich are creators, the middle class are employees, and the poor often rely on government handouts. But there’s another way!

  • Mindset is key. The book emphasizes the importance of breaking free from limiting beliefs about money. We’re often told to be safe, get a secure job, and avoid risks. But Rich Dad teaches that calculated risks and a “can-do” attitude are crucial for financial success.
  • Financial education is crucial. Schools don’t teach you how to manage money, but it’s one of life’s most important skills! Rich Dad Poor Dad encourages you to take charge of your financial education and learn how to make your money grow.

This book is a wake-up call for anyone who feels stuck in the financial hamster wheel. It’s a call to action – to take control of your money, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom. It might not have all the answers, but it definitely gives you a roadmap and a shovel to start digging for your financial gold mine. So, ditch the boring money lessons and get ready for a wealth-building adventure with Robert and his two dads!

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